As a teacher, I take a comprehensive pedagogical approach which includes technical, musical, historical, and theoretical study of the clarinet and its repertoire. I adapt my instruction to fit each unique student and their individual learning style by blending contemporary techniques and traditional concepts . My students are challenged to make informed musical decisions based on historical performance practice and analysis of the composition and composer. I craft an individualized curriculum for each student which includes warm-up techniques, scales, etudes, orchestral excerpts, solo/chamber repertoire, extended techniques, posture/relaxation, breathing, and reed break-in/adjustment.

Downloadable Handouts

  • Daily Warmup Packet – Long tones, finger exercises, and articulation studies for daily use.
  • Full Range Chromatic Fingerings – Standard chromatic fingerings for use in the chromatic scale. Shaded fingers are optional for resonance/pitch correction.
  • Blank Fingering Page Templates
    • Chromatic – Space for 12 fingerings, each with a treble clef staff to indicate pitch
    • Single Pitch – For notes with many fingering possibilities. 12 blank fingering diagrams with one single treble clef staff to indicate pitch.
  • Intonation Tracking – Used to track pitch tendencies of given fingerings

Lists of Repertoire, Pedagogy Materials, and Research Sources

These lists are by no means comprehensive, but are frequently updated with links to parts, further information, composer websites, etc. as they are available.

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